30 Breathtaking Photos of Aniva Rock Lighthouse

Aniva Rock Lighthouse ABANDONED SPACES
30+ amazing photos of Aniva Rock Lighthouse were made in Sakhalin. The Aniva Rock Lighthouse is destroyed by water and wind. Aniva Lighthouse was established in 1939 on a small rock Sivuchya.

Aniva Lighthouse History

Aniva Lighthouse Bay — an abandoned lighthouse on the Aniva Cape of Sakhalin island, on the Sivuchya rock. The height of the tower is 31 meters, the height of the light is 40 meters above sea level.

This area is teeming with frequent fogs and underwater rocky banks. The Japanese name of the Cape — Nakashiratoko (YAP.中知床岬) — the original name to the lighthouse; later it was renamed Aniwa lighthouse.

The project was designed by engineer Shinobu Miura, a graduate of the Kanagawa prefectural technical College. The construction of Aniva Rock Lighthouse was 600,000 yen and took just over two years: from June 1937 to October 1939. The Aniva Rock Lighthouse belonged to the third class: the length of the focus of its lens was 500 mm, the diameter-1000 mm.

The Aniva Rock Lighthouse is a round concrete tower with a small side extension embedded in an oval base. The tower has 9 floors. On the ground floor, there was a diesel and battery room. The first floor with an extension was occupied by a kitchen and food warehouse, the second-a radio room, hardware, and watch room. The third, fourth, and fifth floors of the tower had living rooms designed for 12 people. In the Central part of the tower was a pipe, inside which was suspended a pendulum-a weight of 270 kilograms-wound up every three hours for the movement of the optical system. The range of the lighthouse was 28.16 km (17.5 miles). In 1968, the third floor was reinforced with concrete blocks.

Aniva Lighthouse Photos

Since 1990, there are no more permanent employees at the Aniva Rock Lighthouse, it was converted into a nuclear-powered one on RITEGs and operated autonomously until 2006. Then the isotope installations were removed, and the lighthouse was abandoned.

A petition was sent to the President of the Russian geographical society, Sergei Shoigu, demanding that Aniva Rock Lighthouse to be protected as a historical monument. According to official statements, the reconstruction of the Aniva Rock Lighthouse was supposed to begin in 2015, but as of 2019, the work has not been started.

Despite the severe destruction, the Aniva Rock Lighthouse is intensively visited by tourists arriving on private and personal vessels. Unorganized excursions aggravate the condition of the Aniva Rock Lighthouse, but at the same time attract public attention to it.

The Aniva Rock Lighthouse is destroyed by water and wind.

Just before our eyes, a dense fog descended from the mountains and enveloped the peak of the rock. As we approached the island, the tension increased. As I stared into the distance, I couldn’t look away — its outline was like a Ghost in a thick fog. Up close, the lighthouse looked particularly Grand — it took your breath away, and the Gale-force wind only added to the mystical atmosphere.

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