Hovrinskaya Hospital in Moscow

Moscow_hovrinskaya_hospital_urban_1 ABANDONED SPACES
The Hovrinskaya hospital was demolished only in 2018. Hovrinskaya hospital was built in the form of a three-ray star with six branches at the ends.

Hovrinskaya hospital is built in the form of a three-ray star with six branches at the ends. If you look at the building from above, its shape resembles the international symbol “biohazard”, developed in 1966 by the American company Dow Chemical. And after the release of the film “Resident Evil” in 2002, the name “umbrella” was firmly attached to Hovrinskaya hospital for its similarity to the zombie Corporation.


The construction of the Hovrinskaya hospital was started in 1980. The hospital had a capacity of 1,300 beds. For comparison, in the largest research Institute in the capital, Sklifosovsky, there are just over 900 of them. Five years later, the building was almost ready to receive its first patients, and some buildings had furniture delivered and signs hung on the cabinets. Suddenly the construction stopped. According to one version, there was not enough money. According to another, the building began to go underground.

There is a legend that there used to be a Church and a cemetery on the site of KHZB, so the hospital is cursed. In fact, there were no buildings there, just a stream and a swamp. Whether the architects did not take into account the unfavorable soil unsuitable for the construction of an 11-story building, or the swamp was incorrectly drained, but the basements began to flood.

One of the first and most terrible legends about the Hovrinskaya hospital was the legend of Satanists from the “Nemostor” sect. In the Network, you can get information that in the early 90s, the basement of the hospital was chosen for sacrifices by sectarians and devil worshippers, who used homeless animals for their creepy rituals and then switched to people. It is said that the cultists disposed of the corpses in the sector equipped for a crematorium, simply burning them.

Sensing their impunity, the members of the sect switched to the homeless and those who like to climb the abandoned buildings. Over the 5 years that the sect existed, more than one hundred missing person reports were filed with the police before law enforcement agencies took action. Riot police staged a RAID on the cultists, who after the darkness of the cellars was defused light grenades. Almost everyone who was in the basements managed to be detained. During the search, the very furnaces that were rumored were found. After a while, the sect again organized their meetings, but on the fifth floor of the Central building, but they now behaved more modestly.

In addition to sectarians, Hovrinskaya hospital was favored by bandits, thugs, and drug addicts. In 2004, a search of the KHZB found 6 bodies of victims who were declared missing, in 2006 – 13 bodies, in 2008 – 17.

The Hovrinskaya hospital was demolished only in 2018 after a series of terrible deaths of teenagers on the territory and a wide public campaign that followed. The new residential complex should appear on the site of an abandoned hospital.

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