Abandoned Salt Flat at Sasyk-Syvash Lake in Russia

This is an abandoned field for growing salt from brine in Russia. During the Soviet Union, salt was grown for the chemical industry.

This is an abandoned field for growing salt from brine in the Crimea. During the Soviet Union, salt was grown and mined here on a large scale for the chemical industry. Now there are only Martian landscapes from red sections of salt fields, brown remains of wooden platforms, and black-and-white-blue mud.

Gutters were dug along the scaffolds, along which water was supplied and discharged from various sites. Now the locks are not working, and the water moves at its discretion between the fields. But it worked like this: seawater was supplied so that its level was very small; it naturally evaporated, leaving salt on the ground.


Rapa is called water from estuaries – small salt ponds. They are saturated saline in more than 50 ppm. For comparison: the salinity of freshwater is less than 0.5 ppm, brackish – from 0.5 to 30 ppm, mineralized – from 30 to 50 ppm.

The chemical composition of brine is of three types: carbonate, chloride or sulfate. But depending on the hydrogeological conditions at different times of the year, as well as over the years, the composition of the brine and its concentration may vary. The effect of brine on the skin is much stronger than the effects of ordinary seawater, so any procedure is best to get as prescribed by your doctor, or at your own discretion, but not too carried away.

Sasyk-Sivash Salt Lake Location:

Sasyk-Sivash is located between the cities of Saky and Yevpatoria.
Sasyk-Sivash Salt Lake Coordinates: 45.187510, 33.507403

Unicellular algae Dunaliella, which live and actively reproduce only in very salty water under special conditions, give red color to salt fields.

Rapa is used in balneological bathing resorts as an independent course of treatment and in combination with mud therapy. Bathing in salt water has a beneficial effect on the skin, cures many skin diseases (eczema, fungal diseases), and relieves allergic reactions. Many salt lakes are located in the resort area of ​​Yevpatoriya. The most famous are Lake Saki and Lake Moynaki. Moynaki Rapa is very effective in the treatment of articular tuberculosis, helps to cure the effects of cerebral palsy and polio.

All these salt fields have clear geometric shapes – squares. Between themselves they are divided by soil lintels, on which today you can see the remains of wooden structures, which were once special platforms for the movement of workers.

Today, only semi-decayed columns remained heavily corroded by salt, and once they supported boards on which not only people walked, but also equipment moved.

Between the fields, in addition to flooring, in some places, special flowing troughs were also organized, with the help of which water was supplied and vice versa from one or another site. The principle of the salt fields was simple – saltwater was supplied at a very low level, and then it naturally evaporated, leaving salt on the ground. Which could only be collected.

All the gateways have not been working for a long time, because the water moves from field to field.

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