Abandoned Baroque Church in the village of Rudnevo in Russia

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Discover abandoned Baroque Church in the village of Rudnevo, Russia. 20 Photos of decaying temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

About 25 km from Tula on the territory of the former Leninsky district of the region is the village of Rudnevo. The remains of a truly beautiful temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker have been preserved here.

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The village of Rudnevo located near the Bushovo area. Initially, the navigator suggests that you can drive through the village, but in fact, there is a damaged road. So, it took some time to get there the first time.

Church Lake Photo 1

The thing is that in Russian villages very often people don’t like that someone rides past their house, so they take and block the passage with some pillars or concrete walls, and they forget to write about it on Google. Just this time I ran into a similar one, the road simply ended with an obstacle, and I had to look for other ways to get to the temple. In the end, I had to leave the car and walk a little past the ponds remaining from the former estate.

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The temple, which, judging by the plate on it, was built in 1755 and is an excellent example of the Naryshkin Baroque style.

Temple Desk photo 4

Trees are already growing on the temple, but the cross is still preserved.

Church Trees Photo 6

The Church was closed after the Russian revolution. Some sources also write that during the war, Nazis executed Russian soldiers on the temple grounds. After the temple was used as a room for livestock. Some of the windows are bricked, the windows have preserved grilles.

Church Windows Photo 7
Church Windows Photo 8

Let’s have a look Inside the abandoned Russian Church.

Church Inside Photo 9
Church Inside Photo 10

Someone set up a kind of spacer from a log.

Church Log Photo 11
Church Inside Photo 11
Church Inside Photo 12
Church Inside Photo 13

However, to see the most interesting, it is enough to raise head; in the temple by some miracle, not only stucco molding was preserved, but also the paintings.

Church Paintings Photo 14
Church Top Level Photo 15
Church Top Level Photo 16
Church Inside Photo 16
Church Inside Photo 17
Church Inside Photo 19
Church Inside Photo 20

An interesting example of the Naryshkin style in the Tula region. A tiered temple with an eight-petal plan, probably built in the beginning XVIII centuries modeled on the Church of the Sign in Perov in Moscow. The inscription on the iconostasis dates back to 1755 – perhaps then a refectory was built with the northern St. John Chrysostom chapel. In 1875 the refectory was expanded, the Sergievsky chapel was arranged. Closed no later than the 1930s. Currently empty, in a difficult technical condition. Since 2012, landscaping is underway.
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